May 1st – CSCS Meeting – Picnic Ground Vote

CSCS Meeting in the Church Hall at 11:30AM

We are requesting our members to attend this meeting, and participate in discussion.


This meeting will be a vote on the picnic grounds, and will include the following questions:

I) Should the CSCS sell the Slovenian Picnic Grounds? YES/NO

2) If YES to question 1 above, the next question is: What is the selling price we should list the Slovenian Picnic Grounds for?

3) If NO to question I above, the next question is: Should the CSCS investigate Leasing options of the Slovenian Picnic Grounds? YES/NO We look forward you to attending this very important meeting.

Dragi élani CSCS .

Glede prodaje slonenskega ‘picnic ground’ vas da bomo imeli sestanek v nedeljo 1.

Maja, 2016 v dvorani slovenske cerkve, ‘Our Lady of Church Hall’, 95 MacDonald.

To sestanek bo striktno namenjem glasovanju slonenskega ‘picnic ground’, in bo vkljuéeval naslednja vpraganja:

I. Ali naj CSCS proda slovenski ‘picnic ground’? DA/ NE

2. de ste odgovorili DA na zgornje vpraSanje, potem sporoäte kalGna naj bi bila primerna

prodajna cena po vasem mnenju?

3. Ce Ste odgovorili NE na I. vpraganje, potem sporoéite ali naj bi CSCS dal slovenski ‘picnik

ground’ v najem? DA/ NE

Prosimo vas da se udeleäite tega pomembnega sestanka, in prispevate k odloätvam glede slovenskega ‘picnik grounds’.

Zahvaljujemo se vam v naprej!

We look forward to seeing many of our members attend this important meeting.

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May 14th – Picnic Grounds – Spring clean up!




CSCS Picnic Ground Cleanup, starting at 9AM.

Bring your rakes and gloves, and help us get our Picnic Grounds ready for the summer!

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Mothers Day


The CSCS will be hosting Mothers day brunch on May8th, in the church hall following mass.

Lets acknowledge, and honor all the wonderful mothers, and make this a special day for all of them.

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Membership Drive

Hello everyone,

It’s that time of year again, where we reach out to our community and friends and ask existing and new members to renew their Canadian Slovenian Culture Society membership.

The CSCS is committed to make this a successful membership drive, with hopes to reach out to past and new members.

Membership fees are as follows, and may be purchased online via PayPal by clicking here

  • Regular Family Membership – $50.00
  • Regular Individual Membership – $25.00
  • Senior Couple Membership – $40.00
  • Senior Individual Membership – $20.00

Membership drive will run the entire month of January, and may also be purchased in the church hall every Sunday between 10:30 and 11:30.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

For additional information about membership, please contact our secretary Luke Majowski at

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