Folklorama 2015

flk_slovenija_2015_DrL (58) Zvoncek2015 Ambassadors2015

The Slovenija pavilion for the Folklorama 2015 year was a great success! This year we returned to Daniel McIntyre High School to display our talents and welcome attendees to Slovenija!

As always, the Youth and Adult Ambassadors did an incredible job hosting our VIP’s and representing our community and our culture. A big thank you to them! The ever changing cultural display featured famous Slovenians and expanded our guests knowledge with fun facts! Our extraordinary volunteers capably hosted the thousands of attendees, and warmed them with smiles as well as the delicious food, beverages and pastries.

The entertainment this year featured the 3 dance groups, Zvoncek, Rozmarin and Triglav and the entertaining Veseli Prijateli. In addition to their dancing, the children also performed with instruments and sang their little hearts out! The Rozmarin dancers performed a complicated Bela Krajina suite that they executed very well. And the Triglav dancers made the audience roar with laughter with their entertaining Notrajnska skit. The men of Triglav were also referred to by one audience member as the “Slovenian One Direction”. Veseli Prijatelj earned many rounds of applause with their upbeat and lively musical numbers.

The pavilion was overseen by pavilion coordinators Myranda Terry and Richard Clapperton. They want to express that this event would not have been a success without all the hard work put in by the various chairpeople and many volunteers. A big thank you is extended to all the volunteers, sponsors and the visitors!

Thank you once again, for putting Slovenija on your map for your Folklorama 2015 tour. See you next year!