Folklorama 2014 was an incredible success for the Slovenija pavilion this year. Utilizing Daniel Mac High School again, we transformed the school into a little piece of Slovenija, right here in Winnipeg. The Cultural Display allowed our guests to feast with their eye what Slovenija offers, while our food, beverages and pastries allowed them to feast with their taste buds!

Our entertainment this year was increased to once again include singing. The Triglav Dance Ensemble put together many new songs that they performed and we were delighted to see the 4 young men in the dance group form a new band and they performed their songs to live music. Of course they continue with dancing too, and were joined on the stage in dancing by our Rozmarin and Zvoncek dancers as well. Please peruse their songs in the links/videos below.

Also with entertainment, our newest addition to our community, our Veseli Prijatelji band entertained our audiences every show with a six piece ensemble, by playing lively and vibrant Slovenijan polks and waltzes. Tapping toes where definitely seen in the audience when this band was on stage. A link to the Veseli Prijatelji performing is below.

Capably led by our Pavilion Coordinator Lauren Vrsnik, and with all the work put in by our various chairpeople and volunteers, the Slovenija pavilion was once again rated as one of the top pavilions by the Winnipeg Free Press. Our thanks to all our volunteers, all our sponsors and all our visitors for making Slovenija a stop on their World Tour in 2014! See you next year!

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