Downtown Choir Project 2014

On the first Sunday of Advent, we had the pleasure of listening to the second annual Christmas Celebration by the group we call the Downtown Choir Project.

What is the Downtown Choir Project?

This project is about using song and music to bring together communities who have their parishes close to Winnipeg’s core area.
Our churches include:
· Pilgrim Baptist Church.
· Elmwood Christian Fellowship.
· St. Anthony of Padua Church.
· Our Lady of Lourdes Slovenian Church.

The evening was made extra special with performances by the River East Collegiate flute choir and the Triglav Ensemble.


We all celebrate the Christmas season in our own special ways – yet we are all one big family and share so much in common:
· All of us have a history that started in the downtown area.
· We are proud and strong supporters of our communities.
· We want to preserve not only our history – but to grow in our faith and prosper by encouraging our youth.
· And there is no better way to do this than WITH YOUR NEIGHBOURS!